Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogging = citizen journalism

God bless the concept of blogging. It has finally given the common, educated persons who are not literary experts or did not had the intentions of pursuing a career in journalism to have a platform to share their opinions, their thoughts, their point of view. This platform can be used as true citizen journalism, but the citizenship should include the entire world.

We may not be capable of creating a painting with our words like maupassant or tagore but may have some thing to say about some topic, which is related to our life, or the lives of our loved ones. Or may be we just want to share a beautiful experience, or warn others to not to repeat our mistakes.

Blogging has handed over that pen and writing pad to us, the common public of the world. The greater part of human population in the world. For the first time in human history- we have the freedom to express our opinion freely with the entire world and receive their responses. To open the window of our heart, soul and society wide, to let in air and light from the entire world.

Just like any political system, our political system too has its control over media. It may be well hidden but we all know that it is there, letters on sensitive issues are rejected, or articles on sensitive issues are rejected. Brave journalists get killed. Politics is always scared of media, the most popular weapon of public interaction, hence it tries to choke it or silence it, there is nothing surprising in that. But recently, specially after the spread of internet and communication through internet one thing has come forth that the picture has changed and a new horizon has opened to the socially aware people to come forth and speak their mind.

Blogging has become the largest weapon of spreading public awareness among the masses. People who cant become journalist but have their say about whats going on around them. They are not ready to be tormented without committing any fault any more. Nor are they interested to stay mute spectators of suffering of others.

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